Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Biden Assures Turkey that the US "knew nothing" about the Failed Turkish Coup

Vice President Biden with Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim

"The People of Turkey have no greater friend than the United States...and do you want to buy this gently used Chevy, Cheap?!"

Biden flashes his best used car salesman grin for the cameras as he shakes the hand and presumably slaps the back of the latest "regime change" target du jour....the leader of Turkey.  Please note that Obama didn't go...even Kerry didn't go....Biden went for the touted big August 24th meeting between Turkey and the US.  And also please note that Erdogan didn't meet with Biden....Yildirim (second in command) did.  Erdogan is going to meet with Putin (again) in Ankara on August 31st dontchaknow.

I can't see Erdogan ever trusting the US again...He knows what happened to Saddam, Gadhafi, et al.  He can easily compare their fates with the current status of the beleaguered but still breathing Assad. There is a new world order emerging in the middle east and, by extrapolation, all over the world.  The US is still nominally trying to play high stakes poker with a hand of jokers.  The best the West can do is take on the Russian Paralympian team and win.  Even then, they lose at the real game of soft power. All Putin has to do is convince Erdogan to attack the Kurds whether by air or by land in the northern part of Syria.  The US has threatened to shoot down any plane that flies over its illegally installed "advisers".  If it shoots down the Turkish will not only end the NATO alliance...but it will be irony incarnate...Russia behind getting....the perps shooting down a Turkish jet...instead of the perps getting the Turks to shoot down a Russian jet.   Oh! this is giving me a headache : [

Mission Accomplished?

And, what's going on with the attack on the American university in Afghanistan this morning?  The university is surrounded, bombs going off and under attack?  What is the University anyway?  Is it another Gulen black ops?  Apparently, those have been set up throughout the middle east and Asia.
The US government has warned all American citizens to leave Afghanistan.  No word on helicopters hovering over embassy roofs.

Everything that's going to happen geopolitically seems to happen in September...all the regime changes...if you check back...and big false flags like 9/11.   So it's good to be able to hunker down and enjoy these last few "dog days" of summer. 

Over and out from Ganges Marina on Saltspring Island, BC off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Three very good sailors


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finally Setting Sail and bbl......

Finally Setting Sail

We're all packed and ready to set sail tomorrow.  Our annual sail to the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between here and Vancouver Island has been delayed almost a month due to engine problems.

I'm ready for a vacation and getting away from it all....although we do take our three small dogs with us : )  They're actually very good sailors.  Dogs love small places and being close with their "pack".  I'm also taking some art and craft supplies along and hope to do some sketching and making a few small things for a "Christmas Fair" in December.

The photo above is not of our boat.  It is actually a photo of my partner's boat which he and two friends built from scratch back in the 70's.  The boat was called the "Natural Hy".  It was a farro cement 36 ft. sailboat.  My partner and his two friends sailed the "Natural Hy" to Australia and back between 1974 - 1976.  The above photo was taken off the coast of New Zealand.  One of my partners' sailing buddies is writing an epic story of the building, sailing and demise of the "Natural Hy".  "Natural Hy" was de-commissioned, stripped and ground into powder earlier this year after having her wooden mast split under heavy winds as the couple were sailing in Georgia Strait.  Having a mast split under heavy winds was a fitting way for her to go as she had a number of close calls, including a 19 day storm in the south Pacific where at one point she was completely submerged by a "rogue wave".  My partner was on deck at the time. His two sailing buddies didn't expect to see him again when they opened the hatch. But there he was....still on the deck, calmly bailing water out of the dingy.  He looked at them and said in a classic understatement: "It's [the wave] gone."

I'm helping my partner's sailing buddy editing his sea shanty and might work on the editing while I'm away.  I need a break from all this geopolitical crap.  Don't get me wrong.  I'll still be following all the ins and outs of the various stories and developing some ideas for when I return.  I might even post something if there's a "Breaking News" type event. 

But sailing in the Gulf Islands is always a "zone out" experience.  Within a few hours, you leave all your cares literally in your "wake" and start living in the present...soaking in the slower pace and enjoying the "Natural Hy" you get from the sea, sky and island living.



Monday, August 15, 2016

UPDATE: US Nukes at Incirlik - Just Do The Right Thing!

UPDATE:  August 16, 2016 PressTV  has an analysis of the Incirlik situation by US geopolitical analyst Scott Bennett in which he reiterates the information already known about the electricity being shut off (no mention of it being restored) and the stored nuclear arsenal.

US Soldiers Loading Bombs at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey
file photo courtesy RT

First, a little update on my experience so far with my new laptop and Windows 10.  After two weeks of using it I can say that the only good thing about having Windows 10 is that I am no longer harassed to GET Windows 10.  No more annoying pop-ups when I open my desktop asking/pleading and threatening about downloading (or is it uploading) Windows 10 on an old laptop which could not take the added memory load.

Other than that...Windows 10 is VERY slow and glitchy.  So many times I'm reading a report and the screen "freezes" and I'm forced to wait and fidget with it to try and get it to scroll.  But...and I DO have a point here : ) IMO, it's nothing compared to what is coming our way we try to make our way around the Internet.  As a geopolitical blogger I have to surf to some fairly sketchy web sites and even though I have Kasperksy anti-virus software...I still get messages about "malware attacks"....I also want to regularly go to websites like RT which are currently under DDOS attack by the western corporate media giants/military industrial complex who can't tolerate a winner.  RT is beating the American mainstream media hands down and the mainstream media...obligated to spread lies on a 24/7 no match.  So now a thimpk tank has written a report recommending cyber-warfare against RT.

So, if something dramatic happens on either of the two current geopolitical hot spots...Turkey/Syria and/or Ukraine/Crimea, you can bet that RT will go down.  In fact, that's how you will KNOW that something is going on...RT will be dead in the water.  It's really too bad that the US mainstream media hasn't allowed even ONE network to tell the truth.  Greenwald, for instance, says that the US Media is 100% against Trump.  Any thinking American should ask him or herself "Why?"  What is it about Clinton that makes it 100% certain according to the media...that she needs to be president?  What is being kept hidden here?  That's easy...what's being hidden is that The US Media is one of the main pillars of the globalist cabal.

But finally to the topic of my post, the ongoing crisis at the NATO Air Force Base in Incirlik, Turkey. And there is a connection with the above rambling.  According to the latest report from RT
Incirlik Air Base is still under the lockdown that started shortly after the failed coup attempt of July 15th....a month ago.  The base, with its American soldiers guarding their nuclear arsenal, is surrounded by 7000 Turkish soldiers.  The Turks have also surrounded it with tanks and trucks and anything heavy enough to prevent a mass breakout.  Amazingly, according to the RT report, it appears that the electricity is still shut off.  The report mentions that the electricity was shut off but nowhere does it mention it being turned back on.  I have kept close watch in all the media for such a report and have not seen a reliable one yet.

There have been a couple of reports in the western press arguing that the US 50 to 90 nukes aren't "safe" at Incirlik and should be moved.  I always allow myself a small sardonic smile when I read this kind of stuff.  When are nukes "safe"?  Apparently these are particularly old nukes whose "best before" date has expired.  Why these countries allowed their sovereignty to be compromised to such a disastrous extent by weaponry which can only be effective if blown up by, say, a bomb dropped from above, is a mystery....viewed in 20/20 hindsight.  But there it is.  These bombs are like having a huge manacle, welded to a huge ball and chain...attached to the ankle of Turkey and the other host countries. 

After the near death experience of the July 15th failed coup attempt...the Turks are slowly waking up to the reality of what a danger the foreign occupation and weaponry of the Incirlik Turkish base is to their existential survival as a nation.  Of course they want the nukes and their coup-plotters gone.  Of course they do.  But it is a very delicate process.  You have to make them "want" to leave.  You have to make them think it was "their" idea.  You have to allow them to save face.

You see, the United States of America has a very bad history with nukes.  Just 71 years ago there was a mass genocide of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians living in two different cities...Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My geopolitical blogging colleague and compatriot, Northerntruthseeker, posted an excellent remembrance of that war crime for all to read not too long ago.   In his post, he describes how history was hijacked shortly after WWII and lies put in place of the truth behind the Japanese nuclear holocaust.  The war was essentially over, but the Yanks hadn't blown their nuclear wad yet.  That's about the jist of it.

So, as I said...the US has a terrible history and reputation when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons...and we won't even discuss the years of nuclear "testing" in the western states of the US and in the Pacific.  Yes, the US has a terrible history and reputation.......but it could redeem itself here and now with the situation of Incirlik.

The world is watching to see if the US has learned ANYTHING about the responsible care and control of nuclear weapons (leaving aside the argument that there is no such thing).  Will the United States resist the urge to try and salvage some monstrous radioactive "silver lining" out of the failed Turkish coup/Incirlik debacle?  Will it insist on some horrible price being paid by the Turks if they don't kowtow to NATO hegemony?  Will the Turks have to pay a Hiroshimian or Nagasakian price?

Or, will the US just grow up and accept responsibility and do the right thing?  When John Kerry goes to Turkey to meet Erdogan on August 24th, 2016, in just a week and a half from now...we will know the answers to the questions posed above.  We will know whether the US is mindful of its horrible past and wants to reassure the world it has changed and there will not be a threepeat

The US needs to apologize to Turkey, remove its nukes quietly and without conditions and show that it deserves the trust and responsibility vested in it as a world the countries who it calls "allies".

Sunday, August 14, 2016

UPDATE: The Clinton - Crimea Connection

UPDATE:  August 14, 2016:  Here is a very good summary of events in Crimea taken from The Saker.  It confirms everything I have said and linked below.  It does NOT have the video interrogation of Panov but does show him in a brief clip.  It does link the terror operation to the Clinton Election Campaign but does not report on a financial link.

Evgeny Panov
Ukrainian Military Terrorist "Sings like a Canary"

I love that expression "sing like a canary" commonly used to describe captured criminals confessing to their crimes.  The reason I like it so much is because I happen to have several canaries as pets and, on a daily basis, am serenaded by their beautiful tweets, trills and twitters.  No one who has never heard a canary sing...can really understand the significance of the above metaphor.

Evgeny Panov, the soldier in the video linked above, was one of the captured Ukrainian terrorists who skulked across the border to Crimea with the intention of blowing up infrastructure and civilians with a view to causing destabilization in Crimea society in the run-up to the upcoming elections.  Here is a report from "What Does It Mean"....this is a source that, while discredited by most in the alternative news community...does have some excellent links (such as the video above) to support some of its reports: 
the terror acts targeted critically important infrastructure and life support systems on the Black Sea peninsula and that one FSB officer was killed during the operation to detain the terrorists; and that later a serviceman of Russia’s Defense Ministry was killed as the saboteurs made a second attempt of intrusion.

Two of the captured saboteurs, Evgeny Panov and Ridvan Suleymanov, gave detailed video confessions, this report notes, admitting that they were Ukrainian nationals working for the HUR-MOU and were under the command of Captain Vladimir Serdyuk who headed the 37th battalion of the 56th brigade of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence.

Now, apparently, it is this Captain Vladimir Serdyuk mentioned in the last sentence in the quote above who is the link to Hillary Clinton.  Apparently, the money to fund the Crimea terror op came right from the Hillary "fund" (can we even call it a "charitable" fund when the goals are so heinous?)  They went through PriceWaterHouseCooper.  Here is the quote which links the Ukrainian terrorists with Hillary Clinton:
Important to note about Ukrainian intelligence officer Captain Vladimir Serdyuk, this report continues, is that he was previously identified by The Investigative Committee (SLEDKOM) as being in financial documents seized during the 29 July raid on the Moscow offices of the financial services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers—that is Hillary Clinton’s main conduit for transferring and receiving illegal payments from her illegal financial organization called the Clinton Foundation that the US Congress had labeled as “corrupt and lawless”.

Hillary Clinton’s payments to Captain Serdyuk funneled through the Moscow offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers, this report explains, were used to establish safe houses in Ukraine to smuggle into Iraq and Syria Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists from Central Asia—but were suddenly closed down after the capture of his agents Panov and Suleymanov in Crimea by the FSB, and who confessed to knowing about this operation.

Also important to note about Hillary Clinton’s secretive payments to Captain Serdyuk, this report continues, is that the monies she used to pay him originated from Viktor Pinchuk—who aside from being the second richest man in Ukraine (and one of the wealthiest in the world), the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) had previously identified as having paid the Clinton Foundation nearly $9 million, and pledged nearly $30 million more, to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine—and that the head of the global security firm Stratfor (aka the shadow CIA) called “the most blatant coup in history”.

Viktor Pinchuk, Tony Bliar and Clinton

Summary and Conclusions:

Even if you don't believe a single thing that Sorcha Fal says (and much of it is laughable hyperbole) you can't dispute the video or many of the other links sourced in the report above.  It makes just as much sense as the excrement that is being poured on the heads of the American public on a daily 24/7 basis by the likes of NBC (Nothing But Crap).  So...the "Clinton Foundation" which even the US Congress has called a "complete fraud" being used, not only to line the purses of Hillary and Billary...but to foment coups and terror ops in far off lands on behalf of the Rogue CIA and USrael Deep State.

The good news is that the CIA black ops schemes and factotems are no match for the far.... and with operatives like Panov "singing like canaries"....this latest havoc was avoided.  But It shows the desperation of the Clinton Camp to create international chaos and even World War III in order to get their "man" into office.  I am also concerned that Donald Trump may be a "bait and switch" candidate, who will roll over and put all four paws in the air at some point during the did John Kerry in 2000.

Significantly, the craven and horrific implications of the plot...had it come to fruition...explains the atypical reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin...which I described in my previous post.  It's not like Putin to get so angry with his "partners" [sarc] that he calls them "puppets" and slams negotiation doors "Minsk" in their faces.  But, taken in the light of this new information...that the USraeli Clintonian Camp is ready and willing to actually invade Russian Territory to get Killary elected....Putin's public response makes perfect sense.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Did Putin just "Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war"?

Vladimir Putin

Putin throws down the gauntlet - takes aim at US, calls Poroshenko ''puppet"

I started this post a day or so ago...and was going to wait until tomorrow or perhaps Sunday to complete it, being somewhat busy this weekend.  However, it looks like something is in the works I'm going to complete it as best I can and use it as a "Breaking News" format to add to as developments occur...or, hopefully, not.

First, RT is off the air/Internet.  This is a significant development on it's own.  Without RT, alternative news watchers are really stymied in terms of getting past the Western Media lies and propaganda and finding out what's going on in Russia/Ukraine.  There are some other sites, like Saker, and I will keep watching those and checking to see if RT comes back on.  Here is a blog report that something is about to commence.

Vladimir Putin has deployed 32 Russian tanks in northern Crimea this week, in a buildup that suggests a war between the two countries is about to break out.

Russia has closed its checkpoints along the Crimean border with Ukraine citing fears that the former Soviet state is planning to attack Russia.

NATO has condemned Russian “aggression”, saying the convoy of 32 tanks, 16 howitzer cannons and 30 trucks of troops and equipment could spark a World War 3 scenario with its neighbour.
Sky News reports:

Ukraine’s military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in a televised briefing: “The deployment continues of military equipment and Russian mercenaries to the front lines.”

What initially started this post was a report in Fort Russ a day or so ago that described a speech given by Putin after his historic meeting with Erdogan and following the attempted False Flag incursion into Crimea by Ukraine Intelligence forces. Here is an excerpt from that report:

"....yesterday's statement [by Putin] can only be interpreted as an ultimatum that will be followed by some no-doubt history making, and serious action.

It is important to take note that Putin makes this address following his bi-lateral talks with Serzh Sargsyan, President of Armenia. The context of this is a week of high-level and historical meetings with the leaders of Iran and Azerbaijan in Baku, followed by a serious agreement on ending sanctions and energy market development with Erdogan.

But what was discussed behind closed doors is something that may not be known for decades to come, if ever. It is likely, regardless of official statements and claims, that these meetings included the status of the CSTO, Armenia's conflict with Azerbaijan, and Turkey's relationship both with that and the Eurasian Union.

There have been any number of provocations, including the shelling of Russian support positions, by the Ukrainian Army, on Russian territory, which Putin could have seized as a pretext to make the sort of definitive and game-changing statement that he made today.

This leads us to conclude that this weeks meetings, the possibility of a shift in Turkey's orientation (or at least triangulation), and the failures of the US's side at Aleppo this past week, are all factors which contribute to the timing of this major statement.

The US also may have timed the provocation itself, perhaps to escalate tensions with Russia in the run-up to the elections.
[NOTE:  Here is what Mike Rivero of WHATREALLYHAPPENED. com said in the margins of the post copied above (in blue):
"This conflict is not going to wait until September to start.
If the war hawks, the DNC, and White House believe that Clinton is going down in flames in November, the war between Russia and Ukraine will be started now."]

It would perhaps bode poorly for Trump if a heated or even hot exchange with Russia made Ukraine a major focus, and was the focus of media during an election where clearly Clinton is favored among imperialists and hawks.

This would certainly distract from the US failures to topple the government in Syria, and would also detract from Russia's successes against terrorist groups there, which the US (despite their actual aims at arming said terrorists) has apparently 'failed' to make any traction against.

Russia is certainly in the position to take all of Ukraine, if this was their short-term or immediate goal. But the consequences would only result in a diplomatic disaster, and would nix whatever progress Russia has made in softening up Europe's attitude to Russia and sanctions. Despite much news coverage on the subject, Russia has been able to make some significant progress in the economic sphere in relation to European banking, and has already struck deals with numerous EU states which, only technically, work around the existing sanctions.

For these reasons, we should expect a response from Russia that is aimed at making an example of the Ukrainian regime over its recent provocation, while at the same time doing so in a fashion which carries forward their long-term diplomatic aim of keeping at least a portion of European elites skeptical of (and hedging against) Trans-Atlantic designs on Russia.

So, in his speech, Putin was using new [for him] phrases that signaled a new and dramatic change in recent policy towards Ukraine.  Most significantly, he referred to the breakaway Republic of Lugansk as an independent...entity rather than a part of the former Ukraine.  He called the recent attempted assassination of the leader of Lugansk an act of "international terror" (presumably rather than a domestic incident).  Taken in the context of the other things he said, all this indicates Putin has finally given up on the "Minsk" process.  He realizes that the continued destabilization of Ukraine by the West following the Kiev coup and the use of Ukraine to threaten Russia has become untenable and is going to respond militarily in some way.

The picture of Putin above that accompanied the report from Fort Russ reminded me of the profile of Julius Caesar. 

Julius Caesar

The sudden and dramatic about-face evidenced in Putin's language also reminded me of Caesar...Crossing the Rubicon....or, more specifically, Shakespeare's rendering of Mark Anthony's speech to the crowd following the assassination of Caesar on the steps of the Roman Senate:

The Death of Julius Caesar, after which
Anthony gave his famous oration
paraphrased by Shakespeare below

Here is the speech of Mark Anthony:

O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
Thou art the ruins of the noblest man
That ever lived in the tide of times.
Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
Over thy wounds now do I prophesy,--
Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips,
To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue--
A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;
Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter'd with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war

That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial. (3.1.254-275)
Shakespeare, Julius Caesar - from Mark Anthony's speech on the death of Caesar

Putin's speech, IMO, will likely go down in history as the beginning of WWIII and the incursion into the Crimea by the Ukraine puppet government will be regarded as an assassination of Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo--type event.

Putin as military leader video describes how he
saves KGB building in Dresden
during the fall of East Germany

Julius Caesar - this
artistic rendering looks uncannily
like Vladimir Putin

In summary, thus far....RT is back on and has an analysis by Western commentators about how the West is using the Olympics as a cover for the events going on at Crimea.  One of the analysts makes the very significant point that US candidate for president, Donald Trump, has said that he agrees with the joining of Crimea to Russia...the people having voted in a referendum by a majority of over 90% to do so.  With some saying that Trump is poised for a landslide victory over the cabalist Clinton, this might be the Rogue Deep State's last opportunity to act on their plot to attack Russia through Crimea.

Speaking of History...the Crimea is also fraught with battle images from terrible conflicts between the east and West in the past century...summed up in another literary masterpiece The Charge of The Light Brigade....written by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

All very sobering thoughts as we wait for more information about this development.  Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

UPDATED: What's Going On Behind The Systemic Lawlessness of Western Police Forces?

UPDATE:  August 14, 2016 - US Man arrested and jailed for "Recruiting ISIS fighters" says he's been an FBI Informant for years.

Aaron Driver - Recently killed by Police in Ontario
Police "Goof Ball Patsy" du Jour?

Another day, another police patsy goes down.  This time in Ontario.  Young Aaron Driver, photo above, was killed by police during some kind of  incident...the details of which are probably inconsequential...because they will never be confirmed as fact, one way or the other.  Here's the report from the BBC.

The important thing to note is the standard reaction from those who actually knew the young is typical "disbelief":
Leonard Tailleur, Driver's former lawyer, said it was "absolutely shocking" to hear about what happened.

Mr Tailleur, who represented Driver in 2015 and early 2016, said his client had never indicated he would engage in terrorist activities.

"He was such a passive individual. He was not an aggressive person," he told the Globe and Mail

The interesting thing to note about Mr. Driver's comes just two weeks after the shocking verdict by the judge in the Canadian Terror Patsies case out here in British Columbia.  In that case, the BC Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce, threw out the conviction of the young, befuddled, impoverished couple and accused the police of "creating terrorists". Even more shocking, perhaps, than the verdict, is the way the JM$M has totally ignored the monstrous implications of what the judge said about the police...and the media's lack of follow-up by asking the politicians to be held responsible.  No one has even broached the topic with le Dauphin.  The closest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has come to commenting on the decision...was to order a committee led by the failed politician ("2 seat Kim") Campbell to review the process of appointing Supreme Court Judges...attempting to (intimidate) Shoot the Messenger, perchance?

But this is a much bigger issue than Canadian terror patsies....I've been following the murder of another youth, Freddie Gray, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  There have been several videos posted that attempt to clear up the several mysteries surrounding his death.  Here are two of them:   

How the Prosecutors and Defense were conniving
with the Bench to destroy the case
against the killers of Freddie Gray

How the Media is muddying the case
against the killers of Freddie Gray

What do Freddie Gray, John Nuttall, Aaron Driver, et al have in common?

In the absolute absence of and refusal by the media (the so-called Fifth Estate) to examine these cases--there are hundreds now...throughout North America and Western Europe--where young men (mainly but not solely of colour) have been targeted, harassed/mentored, either killed or convicted and sent to prison...someone has to try to make sense of it.  The woman who made the second video linked above states it very well when she says there has been a systemic, deliberate attempt to subvert justice in an effort to continue this targeting of young men with impunity.

Here's my theory...for what it's worth.

The CIA and other Rogue Agencies [in the case of Canada-- our security agencies have been penetrated by foreign moles/CSIS, bent on destroying the remnants of Canadian sovereignty] have installed moles in each and every police department in North America and most in Western Europe.  These moles have been designated to identify and radicalize young men for the purpose of creating black ops mercenary armies.  The regular armies being no longer able to fight "4th generation warfare".

There are at least three prongs to this operation:

First: they antagonize blacks and visible minorities and then identify leaders, put them into the private-for-profit jail system--where they can be radicalized/trained on the public dimeKilling some indiscriminately serves to radicalize the rest.  Once trained and radicalized...they can be "set free" and spirited off to foreign lands to fight wars as part of proxy armies (ISIS, al Nusra, et. al)

Second:  They "mentor" vulnerable and weak-brained individuals (patsies) and set them up to perform domestic terror ops.  This accomplishes two goals: (1) Terrorizing the public into accepting the need for draconian security laws (corrupts the legal system) and more security agencies (make work project) and;  (2) Further corrupts (blackmails) and compromises the police officers....creating a network of Fascist State Gestapo-style police forces.

Third:  Harmonize [degrade and corrupt] all the police, legal and political systems throughout the west in preparation for the NWO.

Hoaxes Complete the "Matrix Effect"

Just as an addendum to this theory...they also play games with the public and "mind Fu#k" them with hoaxes.  This serves as a distraction and keeps the alternate media busy.  It also adds to the public creating an aura of unreality...what is real and what is not?  Are we living in a matrix? 

In the latest hoax, Chicago police chased an unarmed man down the street and shot him to death in someone's back yard.  Videos of the incident instantly went "viral"..the fact that I saw it on "Mashable" was a real red flag.  Then the entire incident disappeared from the media radar.

I don't believe the Chicago chase incident actually happened.  There were a lot of anomalies with the videos presented...

Screen Shot from Latest Police Video
showing killing of unarmed Black Male Teenager

The most obvious anomalies were the lack of video (body cam) on the actual police shooter. He conveniently jumped over a high fence and shot the youth out of camera range.  Another anomaly was there were no people on the street and few cars in the area during the entire shooting.  Nobody came out of their homes.  Even the back yard where the police gathered after the "shooting".....huffing and out of shape they were.  Nobody at all came out of their homes to see what all the commotion was?!?  Was this all yet another of the "drills" that have confused so many police narratives in the past decade or so...ever since the multi-drills that were going on on 9/11 ?!

I'm not saying that I'm right about all of the theory stated above...but somebody has to ask the questions...someone has to speak out about the systemic corruption of our police forces, justice system and so-called (laughably) "security" agencies.  If anyone has a better theory or has evidence to refute mine...I'd be interested in hearing about it.

Turkey and Russia to have joint Air Operations against ISIS ....out of Incirlik?!!!

A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet lands at Incirlik
air base in Adana, Turkey © Murad Sezer / Reuters

According to a report in this morning's RT
Turkey will resume airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria, and has asked Russia to carry out joint operations against its “common enemy.” Ankara halted strikes after the downing of a Russian plane by Turkish forces last year.

Given the significant photo of a Turkish plane landing at Incirlik Air Base (copied above) who could fault me for "jumping to the conclusion" that the Russians and the Turks would conduct their joint air operations out of.....wait for it....Incirlik Air Base.  You know that air's the one in Turkey where between 50 and 90 NATO bombs are stored.  It was suspected of being the hub of the recent coup-plotters and from where Turkish planes were hijacked and/or re-fueled in the abortive July 15, 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Erdogan.  Currently the base is in lock-down, surrounded by 7,000 Turkish soldiers.

Interestingly, I remember an earlier prior-coup attempt discussion of Russia operating out of Incirlik.  It happened earlier this summer but was quickly dismissed.  Having Russia operating out of Incirlik would complicate matters tremendously.  But perhaps that's the security that Turkey feels it needs to offset the continued threat presented to the Erdogan government by the Incirlik Air Base.

More from the RT report:

We will discuss all the details. We have always called on Russia to carry out anti-Daesh [IS] operations together," he said, adding that the proposal is still "on the table."

The foreign minister went on to tout the benefits of closer cooperation between Turkey and Russia, particularly in preventing incidents like the downing of the Russian plane by Turkish forces in November 2015.

"Many countries are engaged in Syria actively. There could be mistakes," he said. "In order to prevent that, we need to put into practice the solidarity and cooperation [mechanism] between us including sharing of real-time intelligence."

And just in case there is some criticism of Turkey for taking such an independent stance....PressTV already has the Turkish Government Response:

Turkey's ambassador to Russia says NATO is in no position to dictate to Ankara which country it can build relations with.

The remarks by Umit Yardim on Thursday came amid reports that the Western alliance was seriously concerned about recent contacts between Turkish and Russian leaders.

"In no way can NATO limit our contacts with other countries... It means NATO has no right to dictate its terms and tell us who we should or should not meet and communicate with," Yardim said in Moscow.

All this diplomatic saber rattling comes while Turkey is still recovering from the shock of the attempted coup and the realization that Erdogan's nemesis, CIA asset Fethulah Gulen, is still holed up in Pennsylvania and even though Erdogan has sent "85 boxes" of evidence to support its two requests for extradition of Gulen...there has been scant response from Washington.  In a speech to Turkish supporters following his return from St. Petersburg, Erdogan demanded that the US "choose Turkey or Gulen".

I wonder if most Americans even know what a steaming cow paddy their letter agency, the rogue CIA, has got them into in Turkey.